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A year of change: how production companies can equip themselves for the future

Production companies are faced with new challenges

Germany is one of the leading industrialized nations, but will that always be the case? Experts think it will – but only if companies optimize their processes. The innovative process management solutions provided by Inspire Technologies can help. These solutions create transparency, streamline procedures, cut costs and free staff from tiresome routine tasks.

Local production companies must get ready to cope with different requirements, such as volatile markets, growing, global competition, increasing administration costs and complex production processes, to name but a few. One thing is sure: all these demands on successful production companies will continue to grow in future. "The production industry will be faced with ever greater fluctuations in revenues," said Professor Spath in the Fraunhofer study, highlighting this as one of the greatest challenges. An increasing individualization of sales order and economic influences that affect commerce on a global scale are the core factors responsible for this situation. When added to a range of other factors, this all leads to a growing need for flexibility. This thought is also shared by Andreas Mucke, CEO/shareholder at Inspire Technologies GmbH. "Adaptability and global processes are keys to continued profitability in the production sector. The entire production chain must become more structured and versatile."

Missing concepts

But how can we make this happen? Although companies are often aware that they need to actively control their everyday procedures and processes, they seldom have a uniform means of achieving this. Instead, specialist departments attempt to tackle the problems with stand-alone solutions. This opportunity to increase flexibility, efficiency and, as a result, ensure sustainable profitability, is simply thrown away. And, furthermore: the recent economic crisis has clearly shown that "traditional" process revision methods (that involve interviews, examining processes, taking random samples and implementing solutions in stand-alone systems) are no longer fit for purpose. Potential weak points often remain undiscovered. The real benefits of Business Process Management (BPM) are often still unknown. This is where having the right solutions can help, by cutting costs with non-system-specific, automated and integrated processes. As a result, products reach the market more quickly, customers & vendors are retained, risks are minimized and, last but not least, processes are optimized to achieve flexibility and agility. Inspire Technologies GmbH develops scalable Business Process Management software. At the heart of what we provide is the BPM inspire suite. Launched in 1996, this suite is now widely used by a multitude of well-known partners and customers.

Tangible benefits thanks to Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM inspire is a complete BPM suite with modules for modeling, automating and monitoring processes. It also has a range of controlling functions for the automation of business processes. Companies can benefit from using this BPM development environment, along with its numerous solution templates, to reduce cost pressures, comply with legal requirements and optimize their processes. Special benefits for production companies: Inspire Technologies' BPM modules can all be integrated in existing MES systems to enable the production processes to be linked with company processes. Companies which decide to extend their existing systems by adding modeled escalation processes and automation mechanisms can comply with service level agreements and implement applications such as complaint and claims management, absence management, a CRM application or HR planning. Processes can be displayed and documented at any time during each particular process flow, which is a useful factor in complying with risk management requirements.
"Many production companies still treat process management as the poor relation," stated Andreas Mucke. "But it still has so much potential for optimizing business processes, particularly with regard to efficiency and flexibility. A mature Business Process Management solution will cover four central points: modern process descriptions and modeling, for example, in BPMN, adaptability and scalability, making best use of cost-saving potential and providing solution templates to help a company get off to a good start. Anyone who can include these fundamental cornerstones in the selection process is well equipped to face the future."

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