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BPM inspire - premium raises the bar for BPM systems

Inspire Technologies' business process management solution stands out from the crowd thanks to its exceptional scalability, moderate hardware requirements and excellent Fail-Over behavior

When investigated in a performance benchmark test, the Business Process Management (BPM) solution from Inspire proved its outstanding performance, stability and scalability. BPM inspire performed impressively on a number of different systems and demonstrated its extraordinary capabilities.

Mid-range hardware, for close to real life results, was selected for the first test: Sun Fire V890 with four CPUs, 16 gigabytes RAM and six hard disks. BPM inspire and the database had to share processing power on the server. The test scenario involved incoming mail processing. Scaling the throughput was determined by the number of main processors used in parallel scan simulators: With one CPU, the system managed 50,000 transactions per hour. When four CPUs were used, a considerable increase to 330,000 transactions per hour was recorded. It was even possible to improve this result still further by having the database access its own hardware and using a RAID system to accelerate the hard disks.

The kind of applications that handle throughputs of this scale are usually critical systems, whose failure has far-reaching consequences for day to day operations. The BPM inspire server automatically processes the process instances in parallel. Each of the servers monitors the other. The benefit of this is: if one server fails, the other continues running the processes.

This type of server outage (a "fail-over") was simulated to prove this in practice. A hard shutdown was performed on one of the servers while it was running. By the end of the predefined fail-over time of two minutes, the server that was still working had taken over all of the first server's processes and processed them without any errors. When the first server was switched on again, it was able to identify that its reserved processes had been transferred while it was switched off, and no longer attempted to process them. Prerequisite: for a fail-over to work effectively, it is essential that the database and the server used for user administration both have high availability.
In a second benchmark test, the system was based on an IBM platform with the AIX 5.3 operating system, WebSphere 6.1 and a DB2 8.2 database. The basic hardware was provided by a p55A server with two installed processors, one of which was assigned the database and the other BPM inspire. With only one CPU, BPM inspire - premium was able to handle 350,000 transactions per hour.

The tests have proven: BPM inspire has exceptional levels of scalability, making it well suited to handle high volumes of transactions. BPM inspire's "fail-over" ability also makes this solution ideal for use in critical application areas. Because BPM inspire does not need excessive amounts of hardware, it keeps investment costs within manageable limits.

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