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BPM inspire provides complete Sharepoint integration

BPM suite interacts seamlessly with Microsoft Sharepoint, Office and .NET Inspire Technologies' BPM inspire Business Process Management suite is completely integrated with Microsoft Sharepoint.

Microsoft Sharepoint is one of the most important platforms used for working together in virtual teams – a organizational format being used by an increasing number of companies. To provide this solution with an even greater range of options for use, BPM inspire has completely integrated its BPM suite with Sharepoint. This integration now means users can use their familiar Sharepoint tools to define user interfaces and forms and then access the BPM inspire server directly from them to manage the entire process. For example, a user can start a process, display a task list, or include another user in the process steps, without having to leave the Sharepoint interface.

The integration of a BPM in the Sharepoint interface has significant benefits for a company: Users don't have to be trained to use a new user interface, they can simply carry on using a solution they already know well. The exceptional flexibility of BPM inspire also makes it possible to integrate solutions and established IT structures from other providers and technologies. At the same time, its interaction with the entire Microsoft Office environment runs completely seamlessly. For example, an absence management application can automatically enter an approved training course in an employee's calendar from the process. And vice versa, processes can be handled via the e-mail client without the need for any additional configuration. 
"Integration with Microsoft Sharepoint already makes companies very flexible with regard to BPM," said Andreas Mucke, Head of Business Development, Inspire Technologies. "And this integration also provides access to the entire Microsoft Office world, to programs such as Outlook, Word, Excel and Exchange, via a user interface. The technological implementation is performed using a .NET library which, in addition to Sharepoint, also enables integration with other .NET-capable clients."

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