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Business Process Management made easy

This new version 9.2.8 of the proven suite BPM inspire makes entry into the process management easier still.

St. Georgen, 20.09.2017 – BPM inspire, the process management expert’s software from Inspire Technologies GmbH (INSPIRE), supports partners and companies quickly and pragmatically as a complete business process management suite in the modelling, implementation, carrying-out and monitoring of business procedures. With an open interface concept BPM inspire offers all the required technical conditions to automate all business procedures continuously and it can work together with other software products. 

True to the company’s slogan “make short work of it!“ the development of the suite is constantly being further processed. Version 9.2.8 makes access for project managers even simpler. Thanks to the introduction of the new Welcome Site all the necessary steps for the start of process management are clearly arranged in their presentation. Additionally the user friendliness has been significantly improved with new assistants. These support both new and experienced users in the use of BPMN 2.0. in the free of charge modelling components, in the digitalisation of formulas with the integrated form manager, access being via dashboards or also through adaptation of the process portal.

BPM inspire offers a Designer for process modelling, with whom you can graphically model and configure your business procedures and the management of forms and details of activities in dialogues. Also process overviews and connected mapping is supported. Thereby all technical models can be expanded to be used for a possible automation of functional and technical activities. With the use of the new interface with its formulas BPM inform Designer supports a graphic design tool, with which websites, portals, formula presentation, reports and Statistics can be created. Alternatively the dashboard could be the starting point. The Designer assists with the manufacture of dashboards for a graphic presentation of key number and other evaluations.

In order to simplify the cooperation between the technical side and IT, a new prototype module has been developed, which publishes suggestions for possible interfaces for BPMN processes or even decision tables for the Decision management pursuant to DMN. Thus INSPIRE Partner together with its clients can set up much less time-consuming applications than with comparable tools. BPM inspire offers the possibility to set up initial solutions and applications quickly and without have to programme.


The new Welcome Site offers all the information for the user on the various continuous and further training opportunities of the INSPIRE Academy. For example a three-day course will teach you to implement solutions in their completeness and how to link processes with one another. Also available are various tutorials on the installation and usage of BPM inspire. A direct link leads to the many free of charge solutions.

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