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Digital employees for authorities and administrations: MR.KNOW- PUBLIC ASSISTANT

Rapid assistance to overcome the crisis

In order to speed up the processing of applications, reduce the workload of employees and automate processes, Inspire Technologies offers all authorities and administrations the possibility to use digital assistants (MR.KNOW). These assistants help cities and municipalities, district offices, chambers of commerce, institutions and other administrative bodies to fulfil their information and performance obligations towards their citizens. In order to overcome the current crisis and to protect their own employees from infection, the digitalisation of processes and the provision of information for citizens is more in demand than ever.

Inspire Technologies is contributing to this by waiving user fees for digital assistants this year. In an online workshop, the employees' know-how and certain processes are converted into a graphic model (in accordance with the BPMN standard) via a description procedure, which then runs completely automatically.

In a second step, the assistant is visually implemented for its use, e.g. in a citizen portal, and can be integrated into existing websites or specialist applications. In order to ensure a quick adaptation to changing situations, the system can be maintained and modified by the specialist pages themselves without any programming. Optionally, the system can also be self-learning. The digital employee can access existing systems and thus handle and support case processing independently.

Examples of a possible "MR.KNOW - PUBLIC ASSISTANT " are the examination for immediate assistance, application for extensions of time limits, deferral of taxes, deregistration and registration (e.g. of vehicles), change of residence, registration of accounting assistants, deregistration of trade, application for short-time work allowance, registration of day-care places and many more.  INSPIRE was able to demonstrate its competence in the implementation of such projects, among others with the ITSG in the implementation of the

INSPIRE provides the user fees for the year 2020 free of charge and offers a service package including support for fast assistance and implementation. Please register for a free initial vote by calling Klaudia Ruf-Vögele on 07724 85990-24. You can find a first overview at

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