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IBM & INSPIRE bundle their offers for partners

PureSystems BPM: comprehensive process optimization brings benefits to IBM partners and end-customers

Success, as part of a strong team: IBM & INSPIRE bundle their offers. This gives partners of both these companies the option of offering the PureSystems BPM bundle and offering their customers an extremely attractive way of reducing the costs of hardware and processes.  Customers receive BPM inspire on preconfigured IBM PureSystems hardware, which means they can enable and use the process optimization software with no extra effort. As an added bonus, INSPIRE also provides its numerous solution templates, such as Incoming mail processing or Invoice processing, Contract management, Risk management & Internal Control System (ICS), Travel cost accounting, Working materials assignment, CRM application, Purchase Orders, Complaint and claims management and many others, to help you get started quickly and begin cutting costs as soon as possible. Partners and dealers all benefit from the fusion of Inspire Technologies BPM software and IBM hardware. As a result, certified partners can now offer comprehensive process optimization in one bundle, supplying customers not only with components that are specifically tailored to each other, but which also use popular IBM processes and support options. Even more IBM products, such as Cognos or Bluemix, can also be brought into the mix, enabling partners to add their own components or solutions to the bundle.

IBM PureSystems consists of PureFlex, PureApplication and PureData. PureFlex solutions are infrastructure systems that provide an integrated data processing system. Servers, memory, network operations, virtualization and management can all be brought together in one central structure. PureApplication systems are designed for transaction-oriented web and database applications and are built to handle large-scale workloads. Systems involving PureData are especially popular with end-customers at the moment. One of BPM inspire's special features in this regard is its ability to process unstructured data in individual processes, speeding up and simplifying the solutions involved with big data. BPM inspire can be installed in a PureSystems environment without any extra effort or cost. This is because BPM inspire supports all the input channels – including the legally binding e-mail communications used by Deutsche Telekom – with its De-Mail Solutions software.

BPM inspire helps companies reduce costs and meet their legal requirements, while optimizing processes. Its functions not only include business process modeling, but also the complete automation and monitoring of these processes. Processes can also be modified quickly and easily to suit new situations, and respond to changing requirements, even at run-time. BPM inspire also has a plethora of interfaces, modern web service layers, predefined adapters, graphical editors and a plug-in concept. These features are supplemented by fast report creation functions and specific analyses for modifications and for controlling.

With the introduction of the PureSystems family, IBM has put three essential factors that can help companies reduce the complexity and costs involved in IT operations under the spotlight:

Scale-in system design: By developing PureSystems, IBM has launched a new concept in system design which integrates server, memory and network components in one highly automated, easy to manage machine. Using scale-in design makes it possible to achieve exceptional levels of integration – PureSystems can run up to twice as many applications as previous technologies. It effectively doubles the computing power in your computing center.

Patterns of expertise: For the very first time, IBM has designed software than can bring together industrial and technology expertise. This software enables a system to fully automate time-consuming basic tasks such as configurations, upgrades and application requirement handling.

Cloud-ready integration: Every member of the PureSystems family is already prepared for integration in the cloud when supplied. This means companies can immediately start building their own self-service clouds, which can be scaled automatically. This type of far-reaching integration enables PureSystems systems to be scaled automatically, and almost immediately, for computing resources, networking and storage. Every PureSystems chassis can be split into thousands of virtual machines – up to more than double the number possible on previous systems – and so reduce software license costs by up to 70 percent. The automated, highly virtualized memory layer in PureSystems can be made ready for use almost 98 percent faster than other systems. As a result, IT budget costs are cut by almost 45 percent. 

IBM PureSystems can be run from a single console. The dynamic provision of hardware resources means load peaks can be covered flexibly, irrespective of normal operating load, and enables scaling that meets even the most stringent requirements to be achieved. If predefined threshold values and response times are exceeded in an IBM PureSystems environment, more instances, cores, RAM, etc. are automatically made available, but only for as long as they are actually needed. The benefits: Infrastructure costs can change dynamically to suit current business demands and service level agreements with customers regarding performance and availability can be made even more effective.

Turnkey: PureSystems BPM

Having to wait weeks or even for months to have your business software implemented isn't very useful if you need it right now. IBM PureSystems are infrastructure systems that provide an integrated data processing system. Servers, memory, network operations, virtualization and management are all brought together into a single, central structure. Consequently, customers can make their selection from preconfigured systems such as PureFlex, PureApplication and PureData. Working together with its partners, Inspire Technologies can now offer IBM PureSystems and the Inspire BPM suite from a single source. This means the time, effort and cost involved in installation is reduced to an absolute minimum: The preconfigured IBM hardware, including comprehensive process management functionality, is ready for use in a matter of hours. This is at least 25 times faster than other commonly available BPM systems. You will also see significant increases in productivity when compared with similar systems, while operating costs are almost halved. Inspire Technologies has already been awarded IBM's Best Seller Award for its PureSystems BPM offering.

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