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Inspire Technologies, the BPM specialist, has developed an innovative partner concept

BPM inspire - integration gives you a free hand with price setting and offers investment security

BPM inspire - integration is an entirely new partner concept for software manufacturers and IT service providers, from Inspire Technologies, a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software for modeling, implementing and analyzing business processes.

Inspire Technologies is focused on the continued innovative development of its BPM suite. Launched in 1996, this suite is now widely used by a multitude of well-known customers. This product, line and its associated partner program, BPM inspire - integration, now offers partners the option of marketing their own BPM suite without the need for significant expenditure: to achieve this, Inspire Technologies will assign the complete BPM inspire license to partners that rely on the integration model. The licensed suite includes all of BPM inspire's functions, and can be offered for sale under their own brand name. Partners don't have to concern themselves with their own development costs, but still benefit from regular updates. The functions for individual software packages can be grouped together flexibly to take into account the specific requirements of particular sectors or customers, just like an in-house development. BPM inspire can also be integrated into existing products without any difficulty.
In this case, partners set their own prices and costings - there is no requirement for minimum revenues. By making a one-time, variable investment, they can purchase the BPM software (including of all its functions) and so guarantee themselves up to 100 percent margin share. And furthermore, depending on the one-off investment, the software can be adapted to suit the specific partner. In addition to a powerful BPM suite, partners also receive software that is tailored to their own requirements, and which guarantees security of investment thanks to on-going developments and maintenance support. Inspire offers its partners comprehensive support through practice-oriented training courses, project and presales support, development and provision of bespoke marketing documents and access to specific contents through the Inspire Partner portal. Yet another highlight of the program: You won't find any partner fees or limits on the numbers of users or processes here. This is because partners benefit from 50 percent margin share on completed maintenance contracts, from short introduction and training times, 1st level certification and templates for their own marketing campaigns.

According to market analysts at Gartner, process optimization is now top of the list of priorities for companies. In today's difficult economic conditions, this doesn't come as a surprise. Issues of efficiency and cost optimization are attendant factors in international competition. For this reason customers are looking for a BPM solution that is flexible and scalable, which integrates smoothly into various different technologies and systems and which, above all, has effective real time control functionality so that business processes can be modified during normal operations and inconsistencies resolved quickly to counter the effects of ever-changing market situations.

IT service providers find themselves trying to navigate a course between offering their customers the best technology on the market for their individual needs while not losing sight of their own need to stay competitive. By launching its new BPM inspire - integration partner program, Inspire Technologies has provided an entirely new stimulus for bringing these two factors together. This partner program enables IT service providers to concentrate on their core business while still taking into account their all of their customer's requirements for process management.

"By focusing on the partner business and on the BPM inspire - integration product line, we give our partners the ideal framework conditions for bringing their customer requirements and their own individual needs down to one common denominator," stated Dr. Michael Otte, CEO, Inspire Technologies. "Our partner can present themselves as a fully fledged supplier of an advanced BPM suite occur without having to take their eyes off of their actual core business. Our free price-setting policy and a guaranteed margin share makes this an exceptionally attractive offer: the first of its kind in this market."

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