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Making knowledge available: INSPIRE links data with processes

BPM inspire is a flexible and powerful integration of big data and Business Process Management (BPM)

With its BPM inspire system, Inspire Technologies, the process management specialist, has developed a powerful yet flexible integration of big data and Business Process Management (BPM). This integration follows an entirely new approach which gives processes full and unrestricted access to data at any time. When a BI/big data system signals that something unexpected has happened, the processes linked to it must be adapted to handle the new situation as quickly as possible. To achieve this, the engine must store the data it receives like a "data cloud" so that it can be provided flexibly for any process-specific use. In addition, it must be possible to modify processes at run-time to ensure that processes which have already started don't simply disappear into thin air, and to prevent the creation of inconsistencies. BPM inspire gives its users the option of controlling processes without having to model every single exception in advance. This means they can react quickly and effectively to critical performance indicators. It is only this interplay between the way data is used and flexible process modifications that enables on-going improvements to be made to processes, based on the data collected from them. In this way, process management can directly take into account the necessary data from company planning. Intelligent integration of BI and BPM within a company enables processes to be triggered independently, for example, to react automatically to a material bottleneck, integrate intelligent goods management functions, automate the control mechanisms in risk management, coordinate smooth-running project planning, and control capacities and workloads. By connecting directly to the BPM system, the company's data warehouse acts as an automated control center that can instantly react to predefined scenarios.

"BI & big data have put the linking together of relevant data in first place when it comes to improving planning. Now that we have linked big data to process management, we can make even better use of a company's data warehouse," stated Andreas Mucke, Head of Business Development at Inspire Technologies. "In this system, data that is usually only available to reports and dashboards can be fed directly into the business processes. This enables us to create a dynamic, flexible data environment which opens up entirely new ways for a company to manage its business processes." BPM inspire is a comprehensive BPM suite which made its market debut in 1996, and is now used by a multitude of well-known companies.


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