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TÜV tests the security of BPM inspire

Analyzing process management: outstanding security for data and infrastructure

As part of a project carried out by a leading service company in the financial sector, BPM inspire, the process management suite, was subjected to exhaustive security testing. TÜV Rheinland Secure IT GmbH analyzed the technical security functions of the customer's IT structure that could be accessed from the Internet. Part this infrastructure was the process management system landscape, which runs on BPM inspire. The analysis proved this to be exceptionally robust. It also passed the test team's penetration tests with flying colors.

The investigation was designed to identify all the security risks that would arise from an external attacker attempting to compromise the integrity of the infrastructure or the data. The investigations were performed using a Black Box approach. The test team were not provided in advance with any information about the system they were about to test. The TÜV experts used NMAP scans, and direct and indirect analyses with packet generators and bounce scans to search for security loopholes. Another part of the analysis was a detailed investigation of the technical network aspects of the infrastructure. Targeted examinations of the connections were performed to identify hidden systems such as Loadbalancer and also central points of attack. Information gathered about all the applications identified in these tests was also used to check their resistance to penetration and other security risks. The security experts from TÜV Rheinland subjected these applications to a wide range of possible attacks: Overcoming the login functions using brute force, or by using different injection methods, were tested, as was the application's reaction to changes to its parameters or modifications to its session variables or cookies. Attempts to manipulate databases or infringe logical processes by skipping application steps were also included in the repertoire of tests.

"Knowing that its sensitive data is stored securely in its process management system is, obviously, critically important for a company," said Andreas Mucke, Head of Business Development at Inspire Technologies. "The TÜV experts performed a wide range of very realistic tests. Of course, we are convinced that our solution is completely secure, but it's always good to have this confirmed again by an objective test institute and see that it can withstand really intensive attacks. With our experience in the financial sector, this confirms that our solutions are not only powerful and very flexible, but also extremely secure."

About BPM inspire
BPM inspire is a complete BPM suite with modules for modeling, automating and monitoring processes and graphic interfaces. It also has a range of controlling functions for the automation of business processes. BPM inspire offers a multitude of functions which enable users to work more effectively, automate tiresome routine tasks and so help reduce costs, while increasing productivity.

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