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Analytics & big data

  • Use our analytics- and big data-related modules to create your own dashboards, replace Excel analyses, keep track of processes, design complex data analyses and plans, and generate simulations and reports. These modules also enable you to combine data with processes to prevent risks and automate checking and control functions.
  • Different modules for your different requirements.
  • Individual consultation and support services for products and projects.
  • MS Excel integration, web interface, MOLAP, data warehouse, data integration and system links.
  • Analysis of large amounts of data ("big data").
  • Consolidation and analysis of data from different sources.
  • Classification, links, divisions, segmentation, forecasting and control instruments.
  • Visual mapping of big data sources and targets.
  • Can also be used with leading Hadoop distributions.
  • Combination and use of data in processes.
  • BPM inspire enables you to use your data in solutions such as automated control mechanisms in risk management, the control functions involved in goods management/goods rotation in trade, workload and HR planning or capacity planning in the travel and tourism industry.
  • Direct integration and views, for example, P&L planning with details about the background figures, risks and process flows.
  • BPM inspire can handle both structured and unstructured data and perform bi-directional processing (see Metro/MIAG reference)
  • Predefined reports and dashboards, for example, for the Internal Control System (ICS) solution, knowledge or claims management.
  • A multitude of analysis options, for example, Monte Carlo simulation, dashboards and reports (pdf, html, Word, Excel).

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