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  • Designer for developing interfaces.
  • For all your requirements (HTML forms, reports, dashboards, PDF/A, CSS support, Ajax, and much more).
  • Support for HTML 5, and also backwards-compatible.
  • Integrated CSS editors for using agency templates.
  • Modular principle for creating your own component libraries.
  • Form manager for existing web-enabled lists or forms.
  • Preview window including positioning.
  • Wizards with various modes: beginner, standard, expert.
  • Simplified web prototyping component with design modification options.
  • Wizards for linking processes and interfaces.
  • Multilingual capability.
  • Server components are installed as a J2EE-compliant servlet.
  • User-friendly database access layer.
  • Easily modified interfaces and design.
  • Automatic end device recognition, for example, tablet or PC.
  • Integrated reporting engine for a multiplicity of analyses.
  • Document generation and server-side printer control.
  • Use of existing client technologies, for example, JSP & JSF, Struts.
  • Can be integrated in portals, for example, WebSphere Portal Server, Sharepoint (.NET).
  • Numerous design templates for solutions and the process portal.
  • Optimization for mobile personal devices.

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