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  • Free of charge modeling (BPMN 2.0 & UML) for recording and documenting the process. Remove the need for different tools for creating and automating your processes: with BPM inspire, your models are extended and completed by IT in the second step. A large number of different partners offer special extensions, for example, for Sharepoint.
  • Free of charge modeling with the standard UML and BPMN 2.0 notations (smart start product).
  • Technical (expert) modeling for process documentation, publishing, simulation, including process maps, and EPK, BPMN and UML notations as upgrade components.
  • Data exchange with the process models used in leading BPMN-based modeling tools, for example, ARIS, igrafx, BIC Design, symbio, semtalk, MID smartfacts & Innovator, signavio, SAP, Aeneis. BPM inspire also implements bi-directional data exchange on the basis of direct co-operation with modeling tools and software producers.
  • Specialist departments and IT can work together to define common processing logic.
  • Process models can then continue being used in automated processes.
  • Technical modeling and technical implementation are both possible.
  • Existing process models can be supplemented by technical details/microflows.
  • Visual modeling support and consistency check.
  • Different views of the same process model (by department/technical).
  • Definition of decision rules, escalations and areas of responsibility.
  • Supports the "zero coding" approach by implementing individual plug-ins.
  • Group, role and rights management.
  • Planning & process figures.
  • Expansion modules for simulation.
  • Visual process monitoring.
  • On-going process improvements.
  • html, pdf or word publishing.

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