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Inspire Technologies GmbH operates as a central supplier and partner specialist for software producers and IT service providers in the Business Process Management (BPM) sector. We not only supply software components, upgrades and solutions but also provide all the sales and marketing services for these components to help ensure our partners' success. We regard these partnerships as a shared responsibility for finding the best possible solutions for our customers.

If you'd like to know how Business Process Management (BPM) would fit in with your existing software, and how you could expand your customer base and create long-lasting business relationships, we're sure you'll be inspired by our partner examples

If you'd like to know what options we have for becoming a partner, and how you can quickly make Business Process Management (BPM) work for you, simply have a look at our partner program.

If you'd like a more detailed consultation, or would like us to host a personal presentation event at your company, just get in touch with us, and we'll be happy to arrange a visit.

INSPIRE modules for successful Business Process Management (BPM)

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