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Germany’s number one car rental company is deploying automated release and approval processes using BPM inspire

Inspire Technologies optimises Workflow Management at Sixt

As one of the leading providers of car rental services worldwide, Sixt doesn’t just offer its customers premium vehicles but also premium services with a high level of customer value. Operating in more than 100 countries and with around 5,100 employees, the German market leader reported a turnover of 2.2 billion euros in the business year 2015. This success is based on a high level of service quality, systematic customer orientation, innovations in the field of mobility and an international focus, meaning that the smooth running of internal business processes is imperative for the industry leader. To generate these business processes, Sixt deploys a comprehensive workflow management system using the Business Process Management (BPM) software BPM inspire. The use of an outdated software solution led the company, in 2013, to manage the internal process landscape on a modular basis using a new BPM system. Various systems were extensively tested within the context of a multi-stage selection process. The final decision turned out to be in favour of the BPM software from Inspire Technologies (shortened: INSPIRE). “The deciding factors included the flexibility of the system, independent development options and the usability of current web standards”, explains Michael Schwarz, Head of Workflow Management at Sixt. “We made the right decision and would definitely buy BPM inspire again”. Thanks to the support provided by INSPIRE, the company can rely on optimally functioning workflow management. From ordering processes, to processing invoices and incoming mail, to requisitioning processes - diverse and complex business procedures are automated, centrally managed and monitored. 
Sixt now no longer relies on manual work, even for release and approval processes, which are needed for orders. Using BPM inspire, business processes are also automated and workers are provided with support. The solution called “Signatur” (“signature”) was designed as a basis for all processes which require signatory authority. This currently applies to the aforementioned orders field. “In future, this solution will also be used for invoices and concluding contracts”, explains Schwarz. After individual authorised signatories have been recorded and authorised by means of a release process, an automatic data archiving process takes effect. An overview of the respective authorised signatories of different company sectors also provides transparency regarding existing regulations. This includes their e-signature and an overview of the respective authorised signatory(ies), powers of procuration and attorney and the history of the employee concerned for authorisations in the form of a personnel file. The individual process steps run on an automated basis within the system. Furthermore, assigned roles ensure that the respective authorised person - managers, directors and authorised assistants - are given the rights they are entitled to to process the regulations created. Along with the inspection of the signatures, this also relates to the right of their production, approval/rejection and updating. “The fact that we have saved the data in our system means we don’t just save time and money, but that the data is also more transparent and can be better evaluated”, Schwarz reports. To date in Germany, 150 to 200 employees have been able to benefit from the new solution, and in future, it will be used across the whole company. 
BPM inspire from INSPIRE provides Sixt with a modern BPM platform for the automation of business processes and further digitalisation of the company. A wide range of possibilities exists, and with the INSPIRE partners’ numerous template solutions, even previously isolated solutions can also be comprehensively solved. During this process, all applications can be individually adapted and existing system landscapes can be easily integrated.